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Back Facial

Total skin health includes all body parts...not just your face! Back facials are beneficial in cleansing those tough-to-reach spots, targeting a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, congestion and dry skin. Deep pore cleansing prepares the skin for extractions and is followed by a customized mask. $135

Acne Clearing Back Treatment

This targeted treatment zeros in on breakouts, clogged pores and blackheads on that hard-to-reach place. Designed to deeply de-stress your entire body while addressing your individual skin care needs, this impurity-purging cleansing experience includes exfoliation of dead skin cells, followed by an acne healing mask to calm and clear active breakouts, while releasing tension to have you feeling like a new person. $175

Flipside Facial

This brilliant booty facial starts with a deep cleanse and exfoliation targeted treatment, customized to your skin’s needs. The finishing mask is designed to brighten, smooth and revitalized your derriere so you’ll be ready to show a little more skin. $125

Ingrown Therapy Treatment

An absolute must if you are breakout-prone, have clogged pores or blackheads or discoloration . After waxing the area, an all-natural mud, rich in essential minerals and collagen, follows a soothing exfoliating enzyme to relieve the most stubborn ingrown hairs and lighten hyperpigmentation. The holistic blend is mixed with lavender and myrrh to provide an overall sense of relaxation. This rejuvenating treatment calms the skin and histamines after hair removal and improves the texture of the skin.


                                                                   Ingrown Therapy Treatment w. Princess Bikini      $110

                                                                   Ingrown Therapy Treatment w. Queen Bikini        $125

                                                                   Ingrown Therapy Treatment w. Goddess Bikini     $130

                                                                   Ingrown Therapy Treatment w. Underarms            $75

Hand Micro Treatment

Turn back the hands of time with this renewing add-on treatment. A mini treatment designed to eliminate dull, rough-textured skin on the hands and arms. Intense exfoliators rid the skin of roughness and lines. $45

Elbow (or Knee) Micro Treatment

Active exfoliators rid elbows or knees of roughness and leave them refreshed, renewed and ready to show off. This one-of-a-kind treatment features a dual-action chemical and physical exfoliation for complete skin retexturization. $60

Smoothing Body Peels

This two-step treatment is formulated with potent yet skin-friendly ingredients that will help improve the appearance and texture of the skin with a combination of exfoliating, smoothing and brightening ingredients. This solution is an excellent choice for promoting an even skin tone and clear complexion on the arms, legs, back, chest, hands and feet. Designed especially for the skin on the body, benefits include a reduction of pigmentation spots, acne scarring, stretch marks and premature aging. $75 - $650, dependent on treatment area

Body Treatments
Eyebrows & Lashes

Microblading is a semi-permanent technique that imitates real hair strokes to create a natural, flawless and fuller looking eyebrows. Our dual-blade method of eyebrow enhancement is perfect for anyone wanting to give fullness to thin brows, fill in bald spots within the brows, reconstruct undesirable eyebrow shapes resulting from excessive tweezing or waxing, or correct other brow imperfections.


The procedure consists of using a bladed pen to manually deposit pigment into the epidermis (upper level of the skin) using feather strokes. The needles of the pen are three times thinner than the needles used in tattooing. No machines are used. Each pen is a sterile, single use tool. The pigment used is formulated to match your natural eyebrow color.  A numbing solution is used to limit discomfort.

Unlike traditional tattoos, Microblading uses a cosmetic blend of organic and inorganic pigments to create a true-to-color application for each client. Over time pigments stress due to exposure to environmental elements and contact with chemicals products. This stress is caused from various factors such as sun exposure, client age, skin type and health condition, medications taken, pre- and post-care treatments, the depth at which the pigment is placed in the eyebrow, and technique and tools used. In addition, each individual absorbs pigments differently and at different rates, creating the inability to predict how the skin will retain the pigment. General estimates range from 8 months to  years. Therefore, a once a year touch up is recommended to retain the shape and saturation of the pigment.

 CONSULTATION (applied to service booked within 30 days)                                                                                           $50

MICROBLADING APPLICATION (initial application)                                                                                                $750

MICROBLADING COLOR REFRESH (within 18 month w. 50% pigment retention)                                                      $375

ADDITIONAL MICROBLADING COLOR FILL (within 3 months of the initial application w. 75% pigment retention)   $200

MICROBLADING w. POWDER BROWS APPLICATION (initial application)                                                            $850

Our Initial Microblading Application and Microblading Color Refresh Applications include the application and a 6-week follow up application, which is required as pigment may need additional filling after the healing period. Numbing cream included. 

Powder (Ombre) Brows 

Powder Brows, also known as Ombre Brows, is an advanced brow technique used to create a soft makeup effect to eyebrows. A manual tool desposits semi-permanent pigment to fill gaps of your natural brow or behind the strokes of Microblading to create a more natural look. Natural brow shape must support the desired outcome of this service. Numbing cream included.

CONSULTATION (applied to service booked within 30 days)                                            $50

POWDER BROWS APPLICATION (initial application)                                                $350

POWDER BROWS COLOR REFRESH (within 18 month w. 50% pigment retention)     $175

Microblading Correction

Correctives can improve the appearance of unwanted shaped brows by establishing a new shape. The process includes a series of three Saline Removals, a gentle effective process to safely remove pigment and leave the skin intact to reduce scarring. Once the skin has healed, Microblading is done with Powder Brows to keep the brows soft and natural. Results will not be the same as it would be when working on a clean canvas. Corrective treatments can cover up failed shapes as long as the density of color is not over 30% to avoid the need for corrective pigments. This is not an immediate process, as wait periods between treatments are between 4-8 weeks. A Specialty Consultation should be scheduled first.  $1500

Microblading Saline Removal

Saline Removal is a common, effective approach to lightening or removing undesired Microblading results, as not all experiences are equal. Ideal for individuals with darker skin tones, sensitive skin and who have had an allergic reaction to the pigments used. This gentle and effective process is a slower, safer removal process that leaves the skin intact and removes pigment without irritation and lowers the risks of scarring. The process is similar to the application process. Instead of pigment, a saline solution is deposited into the area causing the pigment to be extracted from the skin. Wait periods between treatments are between 4-8 weeks. 

INITIAL SERIES OF 3                              $675


Flare Lash Extensions

Embellish your natural lashes with this semi-permanent applications. These individual lash clusters go beyond mascara by creating a fuller lash line. Great for special occasions. They generally last 7-14 days. $45

Strip Lash Extension

A great way to add fullness and volume to your natural lashes quickly and with less commitment than other eyelash extensions. This is a great started to lashes. $25

Lash Tinting

With eyelash tinting, you will always have dark, tantalizing eyes without the need for mascara. This treat is great for people who are sensitive to makeup, wear contact lenses or just have no time to apply make-up daily. Results can last 3-5 weeks. $35

Brow Tinting

Tinting will enhance the general appearance of your eyes and is beneficial to those who would like to enhance the general appearance of your eyes and make fine eyebrows appear fuller. $30

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