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Clinial Facials in DC at Dawning Tranquility
Advanced Treatment Clinical Facials are the perfect blend of our Signature Facials and Chemical Peels and are designed to create skin rejuvenation and minimization of common skin concerns. These treatments are designed to increase the development of new skin cells while stimulating collagen development, while custom blended power masks infuse skin-benefiting ingredients.
Clinical Consultation Facial

Great for: The client ready to take their skincare journey to a new level

​A must for all Advance Clinical Treatments! An extensive consultation to discuss skincare goals, review your medical and treatment history, and how to prepare for your peel is the first step to ensuring your skin receives the appropriate clinically-based products to avoid potential reactions. Complications from our professional treatments are unlikely but possible. Introducing daily care products prior to an advanced treatment is the best tool to avoid negative reactions and enhance results. Allergies are rare, but it is always safer to identify them through the use of daily care products rather than a chemical peel. This treatment includes a home-care Solution Kit and 10% off all products purchased at the time of consultation. $195

Clinical Maintenance Facial

Great for: The client that has met their skin care goals and has minimal concerns

​Supplemental professional treatment designed to maintain the results of our Advance Clinical Treatments (ACT). Peptides, MMPI and other advanced actives target conditions, infusing the skin with beneficial nourishing and strengthening ingredients to promote healthy skin. $175

​Clinical Acne Facial

Skin Types/Conditions: Stubborn Acne – Hormonal Breakouts – Chronic Clogged Pores/Blackheads

​Who Should Avoid:  Severe allergic reactions to Salicylic Acid and/or Sulfur

​Our Acne Clearing System works to clear existing acne and promote healing from previous breakouts. 30% organic Lactic Acid exfoliates to help clear breakouts and post-acne dark spots. Our medicated acne power mask is formulated with 5% FDA-approved sulfur and combined with lactic acid to penetrate pores, remove excess oils and dull dead skin while reducing acne pimples and effectively helps the skin to heal. Dermatologist and clinically tested to be non-irritating. $195

This treatment is best when done in a series: Series of 3 for $545

Deep Pore Detox Facial

Skin Types/Conditions: Normal – Combination – Oily – Acneic

​Who Should Avoid:  Sensitive – Pregnant – Lactating – Lactating

​A gentle and effective pore detoxifying treatment designed to reduce sebum production and minimize the appearance of pores, while delivering instant results and skin-clarifying benefits. Includes extractions, LED light therapy treatment and a custom Therapeutic Mask. $195


Skin Types/Conditions: Sensitive – Dry – Combination – Oily

​Who Should Avoid:  Acne – Diabetes – Raised Lesions (Moles/Skin Tags)

​Dermaplaning is combined with 12% lactic acid to provide immediate rejuvenation to the skin, undoing years of visible damage and premature age signs - without the redness, flaking, or actual "peeling" of the skin. This antioxidant-filled corrective, anti-aging treatment improves surface texture and brightens the skin while helping promote an even skin tone. $215

Triple Corrective Enzyme Treatment Facial

Skin Types/Conditions: All Skin Types – Inflamed breakout-prone skin – Wrinkles – Post-acne Dark Spots

​Dramatically aid the removal of aging dead cells, awaken dull skin and target problem pores with this maximum exfoliating enzyme treatment that is ideal for all skin types – even sensitive. Formulated with active ingredients including prickly pear, papaya and pineapple enzymes to increase hydration, plus niacinamide to help stimulate and brighten skin. Layered with potent but gentle 30% organic Lactic Acid, plus exfoliating pumpkin fruit enzymes and stimulating pomegranate extract zero in on premature age signs, with zero recovery downtime.  Corrective peptides target hyperpigmentation to even skin tone and makes the skin visibly clearer. $200

Shine Bright

Skin Types/Conditions: All Skin Types – Smoker’s Skin – Rough Texture – Hyperpigmentation

​Designed to wake up your skin and deliver an enviable glow as it improves lines and hydration and reduce the appearance of UV damage and post-acne dark spots. Advanced surface peeling includes clinical exfoliation with Triple Corrective Enzymes + 30% organic Lactic Acid. This treatment can be upgraded to the highest corrective activity to include a clinical exfoliation with Triple Corrective Enzymes + 15% Glycolic Acid + 5% Lactic Acid for well-tolerated, more resistive skin that is skin barrier-ready. An antioxidant power mask formulated with activated coconut charcoal draws out impurities to even skin tone and texture. Vitamin C mineral actives neutralize free radicals to reduce premature aging. $225

This treatment is best when done in a series: Series of 3 for $610

Ultra Detox & Clearing

Skin Types/Conditions: All Skin Types – Aging Sin – Hyperpigmentation – Clogged Pores – Milia – Acne Scarring

Powerful, non-surgical acid-hybrid peel will undo years of damage and aging signs – without downtime. A corrective three-tier approach personalizes results that work on a microscopic level to tighten, unclog pores, and improve fine lines – without redness, flaking or the peeling associated with traditional chemical peels. Recommended to experience this facial in a series for optimal results.


Ultra-Detox Signature evens surface peeling with 30% organic Lactic Acid $180

Ultra-Detox Advance – advance surface peeling with 15% Glycolic Acid + 5% Lactic Acid  $200

Ultra- Detox Max – maximum surface peeling with a  blend of Triple Corrective Enzymes + 25% Glycolic Acid

                                   + 5% Lactic Acid  $220

This treatment is best when done in a series: Series of 3 for $550

"Whenever there's a potential for beauty, beauty can be found. And everything has potential for beauty."

―Kamand Kojouri

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